About Us

View More: http://sheilaarmstrongphotography.pass.us/vaughan-familyFounded in 2008 by Jarrett and Ashley Vaughan, Pacific Real Estate Innovations is a catalyst for assisting its investors on the road to financial independence. Focusing on the business of real estate investing in Western Canada, Pacific Real Estate Innovations continues to acquire assets in the residential market.

Jarrett and Ashley grew up in the Fraser Valley, they have a passion for real estate and helping others achieve their dreams. They both worked in the luxury hotel business for brands such as Four Seasons and Rosewood Hotels and Resorts. Utilizing their hospitality experience, Pacific Real Estate Innovations has the unique approach where tenants are treated with respect and dignity, as hotels treat their guests. Tenants are valued business partners and clients, removing the friction from the landlord/tenant relationship. Frequently we send them gifts for their birthdays, Christmas and randomly throughout the year when they are showing pride of ownership and paying rent on time.

Jarrett has lived in New Zealand and both Jarrett and Ashley lived in France while Jarrett completed a MA and MSC in Tourism Management. Jarrett and Ashley are musicians who enjoy hiking, surfing, spending time with their children Venture and Sailor and challenging themselves to accomplish their goals and dreams while supporting others in theirs. Jarrett is also a University Instructor teaching marketing and entrepreneurship.